Japanese Spirits “SHOCHU”

We are proud about Shochu which have aged within Japanese history and culture. However, it is still not so known worldwide. We believe passing great things from Japan to the world is appreciating all the efforts from the past. Via international trade, we would like to pass impressions and appreciation. This is our mission.

Founder & Managing Director
Taiki Nakayama

Company Profile

Managing Director Taiki Nakayama
Founded March 1, 2018
Headquarters 3F, Seibushinkin Bank B/D, 28-16, Ogikubo,
5-chome, Suginami-ku Tokyo 167-0051, Japan
Phone +81-3-6875-7966
Paid-in Capital 10,000,000 yen
Business Liquor trading company with a focus on shochu and other Japanese alcohol
Bank Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Ogikubo Branch
Seibu Shinkin Bank Ogikubo Branch
Japan Net Bank
Rakuten Bank
Membership of professional institutions Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Licensing Export & Import liquor wholesale license
General retail & EC liquor license in Japan



Managing Director
Taiki Nakayama

Born in 1979. After graduating Waseda University, joined  Samsung Japan Corporation in 2003. Worked 7 years dealing steel material trade. After a year studying in Canada, from 2012 worked for IHI Corporation. Was in charge of international sales of offshore plants and project administrator. Stayed in Singapore and South Korea while involved in project team. As working in these companies, found difficulties in appealing and expanding Japan’s technical strength.
Felt similarly about Shochu, the level of recognition throughout the world is not so high. Having a firm conviction that Japanese Shochu will widely be accepted in the future, lead to establishing this company.


Eiji Mori 

Born in 1985. Mori received  a B.A. in Social from Toyo University.
After working for a local govermental office and a listed IT company in Tokyo, he has been involved in various advisory roles in Nanzan Bussan since 2019. He was newly appointed as direcotr in March 2020.
Mainly in charge of administration for exports and logistics in Nanzan Bussan Corporation.


Executive Adviser
Toshio Tony Takenaka 

After graduating Waseda University with a B.A. of Commerce, joined  Mitsui & Co., Ltd.  in 1978. Engaged in the sales of foods and food materials for Mitsui & Co Europe, Mitsui & Co USA, Mitsui & Co Australia and Mitsui Foods Co., Ltd.
In 2011, Mr. Takenaka joined Takara Shuzo Co., Ltd. and became Vice President of Takara Sake USA, Head of Takara Singapore and was appointed to President of Takara Asia Pacific in 2015.
Mr. Takenaka is currently serving as Marketing Executive Adviser of Nanzan Bussan Corporation since March 2020.