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シンガポール伊勢丹殿 スコッツ店、タンピネス店で行われる大九州展に、弊社は焼酎ブースを出店致します。

We start the special promotion of 4 Distilleries (Beniotome Distillery and Ebisu Distillery from Fukuoka, Toyonaga Distillery from Kumamoto, Hamada Distillery from Kagoshima) from Kyushu area for Isetan Kyushu Fair and introcude various premium vintage Shochu and limited labels at ISETAN Singapore Scotts and Tampiness as per the following schedule.

  • 3月22日~4月4日迄 大九州展@伊勢丹スコッツ店
  • March 22st to April 4th @ISETAN Scotts <Beniotome, Ebisu, Toyonaga, Hamada Distillery>

  • 4月11日~4月23日迄 大九州展@伊勢丹タンピネス店
  • April 11rd to April 23rd Kyush Fair @ Isetan Tampiness <Beniotome, Ebisu, Toyonaga, Hamada Distillery>




Also we join the "Sakura Fair" at Isetan Serangoon with Hamada Distillery.
In case of the Isetan Jurong, we introduce the assortted Shochu procuducts arranging by NANZAN BUSSAN.  

  • 3月26日~4月7日迄 桜祭り@伊勢丹セラングン店
  • March 26th to April 7th Kyush Fair @ Isetan Serangoon <Hamada Distillery>

  • 4月5日~4月18日迄 桜祭り@伊勢丹ジュロン店 *
  •  April 5th to April 18th Kyush Fair @ Isetan Jurong East  <Assorted Shochu Items>