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昨年好評を頂いた熊本県 六調子酒造の長期熟成焼酎を試飲・販売致します。シンガポールに初上陸の限定アイテムもございます。是非これを機にお立ち寄り下さい。

  • 1月21日~2月10日迄 旧正月フェア@伊勢丹カトン店
  • January 21st to Februry 10th @ISETAN Katong for Chinese New Year Fair 

We start the special promotion of Rokuchoshi Distillery's vintage Shochu at ISETAN Singapore Katong. 


<As examples and New in Singapore>

"Daikosyu Toroshikaya(大古酒とろしかや) 38%" : Limited 2000 bottles annually produce in Japan. Blended with 20 years aged rice shochu and 5 to 10 years barley shochu. Won 3 golden stars by iTQi superior taste award 2018.




"Rokuchoshi Black Label 20%" : Rice & Barley Shochu Blended. Both 11 years aging in the oak barrels with controlled storage conditions similar with Scotland Highland region. Smooth tastes, rich aroma and flavours. Enjoy on the rocks or cool straight. 
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